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Highlighting Woody Wollesen and Operation Veteran Empowerment – Tapped as Event special Business Financing Speaker/Instructor scheduled for Wednesday, November 18, 2015, 11:00AM Session, Pittsburgh. PA, at the 2015 National Veteran Small Business Engagement, one of the largest business development gatherings for vetrepreneurs/vet business owners in the country. Also at

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This special business financing session is specifically directed and in support of SBA Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet (scheduled featured speaker at the National Veteran Small Business Engagement) “…access to capital is the number one issue facing all small business.”  “It’s no secret that access to capital is one of the most pressing concerns for any small business, and vetrepreneurs are certainly no exception.  In fact according to the most recent NaVOBA poll, it’s your biggest concern”. Vetrepreneur     Magazine (March 2015).

Simply put “all the business development on the planet is completely worthless without the support capital and financing.

 The NVSBE Session Title: The Complete World of Business Financing To Ensure Success

Description: Structured to be primarily interactive and specifically geared to those attending each session, the clear objective is to better inform and educate respecting how and why with the requisite knowledge of “real world” financial acumen and understanding how the “game for success is really played.”

As current studies and glaring statistics confirm, the road for real world business success is about making intelligent choices.

      “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”, Benjamin Franklin

If optimum results are desired that means becoming properly educated and properly prepared. That means acquiring the right tools for the best outcomes. These sessions are about better arming, educating, and informing on how better to succeed.

First and foremost to prepare and offer more focused questions, please download the complete business educational arrays at Operation Veteran Empowerment at /

As well all are urged to review the complete OpVet series of articles on Business Financing below

Welcome your contact and meeting in person – At the Event best option to contact – my cell phone 301-590-1050 – Prior to the Event – / 770-435-0880
Why? Real world facts:

Only about half of all new establishments survive five years or more – only one third survive 10 years or more. (US SBA Off. Of Advocacy; also,

* Questions and complaints are widespread about the shortcomings of veteran small business funding and financing (Part I) Business Funding and Financing at;

* Existing and future enterprises (regardless of size) are facing monumental financial and profitability challenges as never before (Part II) The Business Financing Systems Do Not Work – Why and Why Not? at;;

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* Vetrepreneurs and Vet Business Owners Continue to Ignore Risks and Realities Portending Failure – Remedies for Success Readily Available (Part IV) at;

* New Threats of Severe Adverse Impacts for Vetrepreneurs and Existing Vet Franchise Owners (Part V) at;

* Identifying the Drivers That Determine Small Business Successes or Failures (Part VI) at;

 (Part VII) Specially written for the NVSBE event and attendees –

 Character – The Indispensable Element within All of Business Financing

       * Cumulative Article Series Listings at

* Operation Veteran Empowerment is only one “real world” educational resource in the country (a 501 (C) (3) non profit Internet platform) specifically structured and targeting those two necessary knowledge ingredients and comprehensively, covering in detail every key business financial option. This “real world” educational resource is not available from any other source (governmental, private, or academic environs / (There is a token $5 contribution (100% deductible) dedicated entirely toward site maintenance and to ensure that in fact “Veterans are Helping Veterans” through this non profit project.)


(Profile: Woodrow D. Wollesen, recognized national small business financing expert, former co-partner national law firm, seasoned serial entrepreneur/business executive, financial/business operations consultant, author, founder/creator of American Empowerment DBA Operation Veteran Empowerment, a non profit 501 (C)(3) educational resource platform, former graduate school of business professor, military veteran; 2006 US SBA Small Business Financing Champion, (8 years) Board Member, Executive Officer, Instructor with the prestigious National Women’s Business Center, Washington, DC; NWBC 2005 Man of the Year – see also more extensive background profile at; LinkedIn