What Does Character Have to do with a Business Loan? The seemingly never ending question for every entrepreneur or small business enterprise – where can one timely acquire the necessary venture funding under reasonable terms and conditions? Almost universally omitted from both the question and related answers–if one does not have the requisite financial acumen… Read More

Honored to be selected and have the latest Ultimate Financing Guide article/blog post published nationwide by VetLikeMe (Disabled Veteran National Publication for Veterans) For Every Biz Owner & Entrepreneur – Success/Failure Will Always Be Determined by… “When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging”. Will Rogers “Only ignorance excuses stupidity”. Nalini Singh Biz Owner… Read More

It’s a rather straight forward fact for every biz owner and entrepreneur – you’re either on the upside of the curve or behind it meaning downward spiraling as being rather inevitable. To be on the upside of the curve means having the requisite knowledge or “know how” – essential and now more critical than ever… Read More

Operation Veteran Empowerment’s original article (American Empowerment – a veteran created operated 501 (C) (3) dedicated exclusively to educational and knowledge empowerment) (see, https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/veterans-entrepreneurial-transition-vet-act-highly-woodrow-wollesen; http://www.ultimatefinancingguide.com/the-veterans-entrepreneurial-transition-vet-act-re-evaluation-and-reconsideration-highly-recommended; https://www.facebook.com/OpVetEmpower/posts/1387345818028781 now being reprinted and distributed nationally by National Veteran Owned Business Association (Vetrepreneur Magazine) – http://www.navoba.com/uncategorized/veterans-entrepreneurial-transition-vet-act-re-evaluation-reconsideration-highly-recommended/… Read More

The straight forward simple fact – the primary cause for business failures – lack of requisite knowledge for best business practices and financial acumen. It’s the same as photography – if you don’t have it right and/or correctly focused all you’ll ever gonna get is a negative! There exists only one readily accessible “real world”… Read More

The best possible prescription for business success is to prevent serious issues and problems before they arise. The entrepreneur/biz owner has the requisite knowledge adapting with proper applications or else there will be almost certainly adverse consequences (as the studies overwheleming prove). There exists only one readily accessible “real world” business educational resource/platform in the… Read More

Now being published and distributed nationally by VetlikeMe – See, http://vetlikeme.org/the-veterans-entrepreneurial-transition-vet-act-re-evaluation-and-reconsideration/ Veteran Economic Enhancement via Knowledge Empowerment versus Entrepreneurism – In Fact All Are Interconnected Immediate re-evaluation and reconsideration is highly recommended respecting new efforts to resurrect “The Veterans Entrepreneurial Transition (VET) Act”. One should first consider all of the relevant and materials facts before… Read More

Recently there has been a revived interest and some degree of advocacy to re introduce The Veterans Entrepreneurial Transition (VET) Act – allowing veterans as an alternative to use of their G.I. Bill to start a business instead of investing in their own higher education. This proposal was originally and rather vigorously opposed by Student… Read More

    If small business success is desired, the “real world” adage to “follow the money” would be highly recommended. There exist two general pathways of choice for that effort:       First, what is usually touted as the most promising “bread crumb trail” (especially touted by the government itself), the federal dollar opportunities: The U.S. Department… Read More