Simply put, all veteran owned firms need growth capital. Questions and complaints are widespread about the shortcomings of veteran small business funding and financing. As succinctly stated at the Veteran Entrepreneurship Task Force (Vet-Force) June, 2014 meeting, Washington, DC, “all the business development on the planet is totally meaningless without timely and adequate financing at… Read More

Referencing a 2014 Intuit study, the US Small Business Administration just noted that more than 40% of U.S. small businesses consider themselves financially illiterate, yet 81% handle their business.; Actually those percentages vastly understate the rampant problems nationwide for business knowledge deficiencies. Consider some “real world” facts: Statistics succinctly reveal that for every… Read More

Straight Talk         From Dr. Woody                                       “Leveraging for Real Business Success” There are a host of straight forward precepts in business which if followed tend to spell success (as well applicable personally and professionally). One… Read More

Straight Talk “Let’s Talk About the Nature of Money and Business Financing”       As a preliminary matter and to provide context, there should be no disagreement that small business represents the major driving engine behind and within our economy. Its healthy expansion depends upon a vibrant entrepreneurial climate and critical funding/financing at every… Read More

Straight Talk With Dr. Woody         After 25 plus years of being personally involved, hands-on, “down in the trenches” in literally thousands of successful small business transactions  now cumulatively in excess of $1 billion, certain truisms have become glaringly obvious: * Most every small business owner/entrepreneur may know a lot about their own… Read More