Pre-requisites For The Business Journey

A. The Language Of Money And Small Business Financing

B. Business Planning – An Essential Element In the Search For Capital/Financing
(1) Just What Does This Business Plan Feel Like?

C. Essential Professional Support For The Business
(1) Professional Accounting Support
(2) Quality legal Advice
(3) Acquiring Solid Marketing/Branding Support

The Cheapest Money On The Block – Banks
A. Is Bank Financing What You Really Need?
B. Which Bank Is Right For You?
C. Available Bank Products
D. Loan Packaging
E. Bank Loan Processing
F. Evaluating All That Data

Changing The Lending Mix Through Credit Enhancements –  SBA And State Loan Guarantees

Potential Downside Of Relying On A Bank Loan With Or Without SBA Guarantees

A. The Forbearance Agreement
B. Crossing The Subordination Zone

State/Local Loan & Guarantee Programs

Local MicroLoan Programs

Real Estate & Building Development Loans

Federal And State Value Enhancements Or Guarantees

Unconventional Or “Hard Money” Lending

Asset Based Lending
A. ABL Packaging
B.  Basics Of An ABL Deal
C. How Does The Funding Mechanically Operate?

Specialty Areas Which Present Banking, ABL, and Factor Funding Challenges

A. Government Contractors
B. Construction Receivables

Commercial Receivables Insurance – An Effective Management Tool For Improved And Lower Cost Access To Business Capital And Better Receivables Control

Transaction Or Purchase Order Financing

International Trade Finance

Export Credit Insurance – The Trade Financing Edge


Inventory Financing

Financing From Your Suppliers

Financing Through A Small Business Investment Company

Successful Equity Financing

Venture Capital Funding

Private Stock Issues
A. Regulation D
B.  Regulation A
C. Intrastate Offering Exemption
D. Public Solicitations Over The Internet
E. State Securities Oversight

A. Federal Grants
B. State Grant Programs

How To Find The Right Fit For Your Professional Support Team

A. Finding the Right Accountant
B. Finding the Right Attorney
C. Solving the Key Marketing Requirements
(1) How To Find The Right Professional Help To
Successful Market The Enterprise
(2) Impact Of Rapid Technological/Internet Changes
To Choosing A Marketing Path
(3) Internet Marketing
(4) Branding For Success
(5) Viral Marketing Is Alive And Well
(6) Blogs Can Change Your Business
D. Changing The Enterprise Financial and Operating Risks Through Use Of A Professional Employer Organization

Going Green’s Financial Impacts on Small Business

Concluding Summary