Latest Testimonials for the Ultimate Financing Guide / Operation Veteran Empowerment 2016

For Real Business Success, It is the Owner That Must First Grow
In the “real world” of business, it is neither new revenue additions nor support financing (all necessary ingredients for sure) that will create enterprise success. Rather, either the owner has in place, develops, and/or acquires the necessary knowledge for best business practices and financial acumen, adverse consequences will inevitably follow.

Having the requisite knowledge to properly run an enterprise, is much like photography. If you don’t have it and correctly focused all you’ll ever get is a negative

Without that knowledge or acumen in place, all the business development on the planet, even accompany financing, will not evade the eventual problems, costly detours, potholes, and possible discontinuance.

Rich McAdams
Chief Executive Officer, ReliaONE, Inc.

Huntsville, Alabama Area – a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business that primarily provides cyber security services, serving the federal government and the contractors who support it, Former President, enGenius Consulting Group, member SBA Advisory Committee, Washington, DC

I entered the military after graduating from West Point with a BS in Economics, and then after five years of service, I left the military and earned a Master’s in Business Administration while working at a Fortune 50 company. On top of my military and academic background, I had more than 25 years’ experience as a business executive, and honestly, I still felt woefully unprepared for many of the issues around financing the purchase or growth of a business. I had plenty experience running businesses. Business development, no problem. Operations, got it. Leading people, love it. Proposal writing, sure. Bank loans? Venture capital? Angel investors? Hard money? Mezzanine financing? Factoring? No idea! Sure, I had heard of those terms. I vaguely remember them being discuss briefly in some of my MBA classes more than 15 years ago. But before I signed documents that put everything I owned or would own in the future up as collateral, I needed to completely understand. Thankfully, I found the Ultimate Financing Guide by Woody Wollesen. It provided whole new insights into the simple fact of how much I did not know. And it gave me the information in real world terms… the pros, the cons, and the “gotchas” for all the financing options.

Based on my experience, the Ultimate Financing Guide is not only an invaluable resource and tool that should part of every entrepreneur/business owner inventory, but it provides a pathway to reach out for much more. It really is “what one does not know” that becomes critical factor in achieving success.

No problem in concurring with a follow on from Woody Wollesen, author, founder/chairman of the 501 (c) (3) nonprofit business educational resource platform American Empowerment DBA Operation Veteran Empowerment:

Dayton Williams, CPC, CSC, CRC, CBEC – Certified Professional Coach; Author; Speaker; Radio Show Host, Galveston, Texas, VoiceAmerica Talk Radio – WTR, LLC
Gold star mom – lost a son Marine Corps

Owning a small business, a professional career in corporate America and securing an MBA has taught me that knowledge is required to succeed in business.  Through The Ultimate Financing Guide, Operation Veteran Empowerment provides everything a Veteran needs to succeed in their business venture.  Developed and published by an expert authority to enhance the lives of those who have served with honor, our Veterans, The Ultimate Financing Guide empowers the creation of a thriving small business.  The cost is free; the benefits are unlimited

Dr. Timothy Donahue, TD Donahue & Associates
Billings MT 59101
Former Director, By Sky Veteran Business Outreach Center, former Director NE Small Business Development Center – NBDC
2006 – May 2015 (9 years); former District Director, District Director
SCORE – South Dakota, 2000 – 2005 (5 years)

My professional career has been deeply involved with most every type business endeavor from startup to early stage to mature enterprise. I wholeheartedly concur that business knowledge deficiencies are rampant nationwide causing needless wastes of valuable time and resources that tend to result in business failures and discontinuances.

This non profit business educational platform directly fills a very important and critical void respecting these knowledge deficiencies. If one intends to succeed in business, it means always expanding one’s knowledge and education. Accordingly immediate download and use of this valuable resource should be a “no brainer”.

The Ultimate Financing Guide platform directly targets important areas necessary for success and uniquely covers most every key financing option. The website is clean and easy to move around making access and use of the platform and information arrays all the more attractive and useful. Borrowing from a popular commercial “what’s on your computer? Ultimate Financing Guide – don’t leave home without it”

Previous quote from 2015: “I reviewed you program yesterday and having taught and developed online graduate business courses and managed an online vets outreach at a state college, I know how critical this is to getting the word out to vets. You website is clean and easy to move around.”