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Vetrepreneur Magazine, Special November 2015 Edition to coincide with the

National Veteran Small Business Engagement in Pittsburgh and Vetrepreneur of the Year Award


Crowd Funding

Looking for Quick Cash to Start or Expand?

Here’s what you need to know about Crowd Funding

By Woodrow D. Wollesen

The Internet has given rise to immeasurable ways for large groups of people to interact and transact. Things likeAirBnB allow folks to share their homes with strangers and platforms like Lyftand Uber Jets anyone with a car become a cab driver.

Recently there has literally been all explosion of “for profit” Internet crowd

funding platforms limited only by the creativity of the founders and their deep pockets. Whether crowd funding is in fact a better or more efficient funding mechanism for most business endeavors remains an open question.

Is crowd funding a passing fad or a financing venue worth serious consideration?

Well, it depends. Given all the media attention hype to crowd funding perhaps it’s overdue to offer some objective commentary into the mix.

Visibly absent has been any “real world” analyses regarding the “good, bad, and potentially ugly” for this funding option. This article doesn’t cover the entire scope of possible options, but here are five things you must consider.

* Routinely overlooked, crowd funding is simply a financial tool – nothing more. The quality or usefulness of that tool might or might not need revisions for better matching and positive outcomes. It’s the user that should be the real focus. Without the requisite knowledge for best business practices and financial acumen, funding will not solve anything. Resultant risk accumulations will only occur with adverse results.

       Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing. – Warren Buffett

* Often overlooked, crowd funding is itself typically also a business enterprise. It seeks to be highly profitable, gain market share, and even attract investments to itself. One way or another there will be fees, charges, or costs. Satisfying applicant/user goals may or may not be a prime ingredient within that profitability scheme. If you’re going to join a team effort, best to know all the players, the applicable rules, and most importantly, how the game is actually played.

      * Despite marketing hoopla, crowd funding represents a mere sliver of the financing marketplace. In fact, crowd funding platforms currently represent less than 1percent of all small business loans. Grossly overlooked in all the hype are the glaring failure rates for crowd funding campaigns. In fact, conduit funding changes nothing regarding the character of the underlying capital which remains unchanged. Hence without the requisite knowledge bases in place, desired results will usually not be forthcoming.

* A prime question must always be in the forefront: Regardless of the crowd funding type, will it provide a best fit for one’s project or venture? There are no “short cuts”. Examining all facets is urged-ask the right questions and insist upon direct transparent answers.

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Woodrow D. Wollesen is a veteran, small business financing expert and former graduate school of business professor. Wollesen wrote The Ultimate Financing Guide which offers a thorough, detailed description covering the entire array of business financing options or tools including crowd funding.

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