Straight Talk 

       From Dr. Woody

                                      “Leveraging for Real Business Success”

There are a host of straight forward precepts in business which if followed tend to spell success (as well applicable personally and professionally).

One such precept has been aptly coined as “leveraging” – basically dealing with the ability to use any resource or information for maximum advantage to achieve greatest desired results.

It sounds rather simple. Yet as with many apparent simple guidelines “the devil is often in the details”. It can get more complex in the doing than just grasping the concept.

Consider as well that “leveraging” is as much a process as an end result.

                 Leveraging ignorance is a sure fire prescription for failure.

From every conceivable perspective, this work, Ultimate Financing Guide, is a step by step comprehensive, detailed format for explaining how, when, and where “in the real world” leveraging best business practices and financial knowledge will achieve or enhance business success.

                Knowledge has become the key economic resource and the dominant, if not the only,                source of competitive advantage. Peter F. Drucker

In just about every walk of life having the ‘best intel” is a paramount pre requisite for any course for best results or decision. This is particularly so in the real world of business and finance. Either your enterprise has the best available “intel” at all times or someone else is going home “laughing all the way to the bank”.

Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing. Warren Buffett

            If you see the bandwagon, it’s usually too late. James Goldsmith  

There is an age old business adage that to achieve success “one must follow the money” – follow the real opportunities painted with green backs!

For anyone with the requisite insight and most especially veteran, women, and historically disadvantaged business owners/entrepreneurs, governmental contracts can provide widely diverse and attractive arrays for profitable opportunities. For these latter noted groups, the federal emphasis for expanding special opportunities and access for governmental contract acquisitions is a huge market (albeit a daily changing one).

Then the straight forward question – Where does one find the best available “intel” in order to advantage or leverage one’s enterprise for these opportunities? The premier national providers for “best intel” in the federal market place are in fact already gold standard partners with Ultimate Financing Guide. There is a commanding reason for our cooperative efforts – to jointly aid and benefit all business owners/entrepreneurs.

It’s called “empowerment” It is about providing the singular best resources for applicable knowledge acquisition. It is about providing the best available “intel” to empower best options for success.

               If you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete! Jack Welch

          Consider a few pictorial displays of the Federal Cosmos/Federal Circle and the Maze of the “Federal Government Value Chain” (FEDMine.Us):

Without the best available “intel”, the enterprise journey can easily become a web of dead ends, endless circles, and high probabilities for a premature demise.

              I’m not dumb. I just have a command of thoroughly useless information. Bill                                         Watterson

Enter FedMine with the most advanced federal market place research and intelligence tool in the country. It is the only business intelligence source providing relevant and essential information in “real time”. Go to

Consider one’s enterprise as the center of a wheel with radiating spokes representing every conceivable “intel” question or query in all directions around that circle. Whatever the question, whatever the detail, or connections sought (e.g., every conceivable contract, past or present, contract officers, agencies, history of same, parameters for anything and everything, every government contractor, competitive data of every sort, etc., etc.), one has the ability “to drill” into every level, direction, and dimension to get real time data and factual information. In all cases, Fedmine provides affordable user friendly scalable data research in real time providing an “intel” edge (See,

               Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re                           part of the road. Stewart Brand 

As the perfect compliment enter Set Aside Alert, the premier provider of federal market intelligence specifically focused on small businesses, minority-owned and women-owned businesses, veteran- and SDV-owned businesses, SBA 8(a)-certified companies and HUBzone businesses. Since 1992, its market intelligence service includes daily e-mail notices of all small business contracting opportunities and biweekly newsletters providing the latest news, insider tips and proven strategies used by successful small businesses. Go to

The biweekly newsletter includes news stories and interviews:

* The inside scoop on what the government and Congress are doing and what it will mean to you. Changes in government regulations, acquisition reforms, new initiatives, and what you need to know to compete successfully under new rules;

* Teaming Opportunities – A list of firms seeking teaming partners. Use this to find profitable ventures for your company or advertise your own FREE listing;

* Find out who is winning contracts from what agencies at specified prices; and

* Certified Companies – 8(a) companies, certified HUBZone firms, certified Service-Disabled Veteran-owned firms. Find partners for future business, peer-guidance on getting certified, prospects for your company’s sales.

          The best marketplace “intel” properly utilized will always produce the best business results. Any enterprise, especially within the woman, veteran, or historically disadvantaged sectors, not advantaging themselves of both FedMine and Set Aside Alert products/services is proverbially opting for flying blind in a maze of uncertainties – creating high probabilities for going nowhere fast.

               If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else. Yogi Berra

One last advisory – even with the best up-to-date “market intel” on the planet, without having and properly using the right business financial tools in the right amount and at the right time, the proverbial forks in the road to nowhere become the only choices. Without timely adequate access to capital at the right stage, there can be no positive business results – instead a fairly guaranteed ending. Ultimate Financing Guide provides those solutions herein. With FedMine and Set Aside Alert in the mix all one has to do is manage for resulting success.