The Problem:

veterans Veterans in record number are out of work and many are considering starting their own business.

However, the majority of these talented men and women do not possess the knowledge needed to properly finance their operations.

The simple truth is that veteran businesses in all stages fail and will continue to do so without the necessary solid practical foundation and knowledge respecting all aspects of business financing in the real world.

The Solution:

Operation Veteran Empowerment


Arming & Protecting Our Veterans for Real World Business Financing


Operation Veteran Empowerment is a non profit 501 (C)(3) program dedicated to solving these problems, providing the first ever practical, no nonsense guide covering the entire array of real world business financing options – road blocks, pitfalls, positive and negatives on all available alternatives, whether a “best fit”, down side potentials, how to prepare and package, and much, much more.


Knowledge is Empowerment

Mission/Prime Objective:

To properly arm and protect all military veterans (including those currently serving) contemplating going into or already in business from the ravages/pitfalls of real world capital financing

By What Means/How?

By providing free to all veterans the:

  • First complete business financing guide providing practical and down- to-earth coverage for every available funding option;
  • First detailed how-to business financing guide leveling the playing field by examining how it works in the real world;
  • First “from the trenches manual” road map providing financial tactics with step by step descriptions on how, what, when, and why to avoid the “potholes” within the processes and system;
  • First small business financial guide providing in-depth pros and cons for each and every financial option;
  • First Book authored by a well recognized expert authority on the entire array of business financing options and entrepreneurship;
  • First financing guide where every chapter has been reviewed pre publication by other recognized financial experts/professionals in all genres
  • The Source/Solution

The Ultimate Financing Guide is the “complete package” – most authoritative in-depth treatise dedicated to tactical financial decision-making ever written/published covering the entire array of small business options in a practical, no nonsense style – leveling the playing field by explaining every facet as to how it works in the real world!

Learn how to acquire your copy today!