In the “real world” of business, it is neither new revenue additions nor support financing (all necessary ingredients for sure) that will create enterprise success. Rather, either the owner has in place, develops, and/or acquires the necessary knowledge for best business practices and financial acumen, adverse consequences will inevitably follow.

    Having the requisite knowledge to properly run an enterprise, is much like photography. If you don’t have it and correctly focused all you’ll ever get is a negative

Without that knowledge or acumen in place, all the business development on the planet, even accompany financing, will not evade the eventual problems, costly detours, potholes, and possible discontinuance. See,

The 2015 studies and statistical data overwhelmingly and in glaring fashion confirm those simple facts. See,

   A business owner doesn’t have to turn out the lights to be in the dark!

It really is about wholesale failures to “know what one does not know” and even worse, ignoring/refusing to aggressively seek the knowledge to prevent and remedy those deficiencies. Whether that is the result of arrogance, ineptitude, or convenient misdirection there is only one pathway to stop the negative outcomes. Requisite knowledge and financial acumen must be acquired.

     Convenience or expediencies, might work in the short term but inevitably lead to critical wastes of valuable time, money, and resources.

     Regardless of how creative, innovative, and/or focused the owner /entrepreneur, hope is no substitute or equivalent for having the requisite knowledge that create success.

    Without the required knowledge, one is just “shooting from the hip” and hoping for the best – usually just getting a sore hip! Without it, the venture by definition becomes stationed into a “reactive posture accumulating risk for failure

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