Small business owners are awash in a sea of red tape. Last year alone, 43 new major rules sucked more than $22 billion out of the economy.
Absent substantial reform or new economic growth, small business will continue to suffer.

As the data and statistics continue to demonstrate survival and successes for small business can only result from having the requisite knowledge for “best business practices” (thoroughly understanding sources of risks and how to accommodate/utilize for best advantage) and financial acumen (for funding knowing where to find, how to use, and when to use in the life cycle of the enterprise for best outcomes).

American Empowerment DBA Operation Veteran Empowerment/Ultimate Financing Guide is veteran created/operated a 501 (c) (3) non profit dedicated entirely to “knowledge empowerment”. It is a pure 100% business educational resource (only one of its type in the country) – all funds are dedicated entirely to ensuring maintenance of the web platform and its educational expansion to promote small business successes.

This extensive business educational resource is the only complete business funding encyclopedia (covering every key business financing option) in the country.  It is not available from any other source governmental or private. It has been specifically structured and directly targets the primary reasons for costly, unnecessary business maladies and failures – rampant requisite knowledge deficiencies for “best business practices” and financial acumen. It is only such business educational resource instantly downloadable to any computer available to the user when ever needed or as required. It works – See the latest testimonials:
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What have you got to lose? Could be everything! Without those knowledge elements, the business venture is going nowhere fast, usually at terminal velocities.