Woody Wollesen – Military veteran, Two time US National Taekwondo Champion,  Taekwondo Master 4th Degree Black Belt, National record holder, and Founder/Chairman  of GA 501(C)(3) non profit Operation Veteran Empowerment was specially selected and honored to ceremonially open Session Two and provide the center court “coin toss” (along with VIP status and all privileges) August… Read More

Consider a few “real world facts”: Statistics clearly reveal that for every alleged brilliant new idea, impassioned start up, or early stage business venture (at least up to five years) that anywhere from 36% to 50% will fail depending upon industry area (e.g., pick your poison)http://isbdc.org/small-business-failure-rates-causes/http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/fact-checker/wp/2014/01/27/do-9-out-of-10-new-businesses-fail-as-rand-paul-claims/ http://articles.bplans.com/the-real-data-on-small-business-failures/ Only about half of all new establishments survive… Read More

VetJobs (the nation’s largest military job board at http://vetjobs.com ) reported only 160,000 new jobs were created in May (June 2016 Veteran Employment Situation Report) (BOL). However a minimum of 250,000 new jobs per month needs to be created to have any real growth . “Historically, most job growth comes from small businesses, but   current… Read More

As comprehensively covered within the last installment of the ongoing VetLikeMe series on business and financing, the latest study and figures respecting franchise ownership are less than encouraging. http://vetlikeme.org/vetrepreneurs-and-vet-business-owners-continue-to-ignore-risks-and-realities/. SBA franchise loan failures were found to be one in six (covering only write offs after all borrower collateral has been liquidated). New Study (May 14,… Read More

Published at VetLikeMe     http://vetlikeme.org/vetrepreneurs-and-vet-business-owners-continue-to-ignore-risks-and-realities/ Confirming what have been and continue to be the realities across all business genres, regardless of age, maturities, size, or industry type, small business risks and failures are dramatically increasing. The latest small business market segment to be analyzed for increased risks and discontinuances, shows that one in six franchise SBA… Read More

The Business Financing Systems Do Not Work – Why and Why Not? Looking First at the Enterprise Side of the Equation Part III of a continuing series on Small Business Financing (July 12, 2015) – See,http://vetlikeme.org/the-business-financing-systems-do-not-work-why-and-why-not/ As noted in Part I of this VetLikeMe series, the current systems of traditional business funding simply do not… Read More

The Business Financing Systems Do Not Work – Why and Why Not? Part II of a Continuing Series on Small Business Financing – See, http://vetlikeme.org/business-financing-systems-do-not-work-why-and-why-not/ As noted with Part I of this VetLikeMe series, the past and current systems of traditional business funding simply do not work. Such do not deliver adequate timely financing when… Read More

Simply put, all veteran owned firms need growth capital. Questions and complaints are widespread about the shortcomings of veteran small business funding and financing. As succinctly stated at the Veteran Entrepreneurship Task Force (Vet-Force) June, 2014 meeting, Washington, DC, “all the business development on the planet is totally meaningless without timely and adequate financing at… Read More