On Friday, June 12, 2015 Woody Wollesen, author of the “Ultimate Financing Guide” and Chairman/Founder of Operation Veteran Empowerment was the guest on a broadcast of Veteran Solutions Radio, Business RadioX Buckhead – See Podcast at http://genevieverosebud.com/dir/ (bottom of the page – start at minute index mark 22.20)

Veteran Solutions Radio welcomes Army Veteran, Woodrow Wollesen, President of Execunet and Founder/Chairman of Operation Veteran Empowerment. His Bio reads in part: Woodrow D. Wollesen brings the most unique combinations of unprecedented experiences, mastery of multiple professional disciplines, accomplishments/accolades, knowledge, skills, and insight ever brought to bear within the realms of small business operations, models, financing and entrepreneurship.

His background profile speaks for itself – http://genevieverosebud.com/dir/