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Articles Directly Confronting Our Economy’s Dismal Outcomes With Recommended Guidelines for Analyses and Remedies to Correct –  An Ongoing Series

Real world facts:

Only about half of all new establishments survive five years or more – only one-third survive 10 years or more. (US SBA Off. Of Advocacy; also,

Questions and complaints are widespread about the shortcomings of veteran small business funding and financing.

The Business Financing Systems Do Not Work – Why and Why Not?
Existing and future enterprises (regardless of size) are facing monumental financial and profitability challenges as never before.

Vetrepreneurs and Vet Business Owners Continue to Ignore Risks and Realities   Portending Failure – Remedies for Success Readily Available

New Threats of Severe Adverse Impacts for Vetrepreneurs and Existing Vet Franchise Owners

Identifying the Drivers That Determine Small Business Successes or Failures