What Does Character Have to do with a Business Loan? The seemingly never ending question for every entrepreneur or small business enterprise – where can one timely acquire the necessary venture funding under reasonable terms and conditions? Almost universally omitted from both the question and related answers–if one does not have the requisite financial acumen… Read More

Honored to be selected and have the latest Ultimate Financing Guide article/blog post published nationwide by VetLikeMe (Disabled Veteran National Publication for Veterans) For Every Biz Owner & Entrepreneur – Success/Failure Will Always Be Determined by… “When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging”. Will Rogers “Only ignorance excuses stupidity”. Nalini Singh Biz Owner… Read More

Operation Veteran Empowerment’s original article (American Empowerment – a veteran created operated 501 (C) (3) dedicated exclusively to educational and knowledge empowerment) (see, https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/veterans-entrepreneurial-transition-vet-act-highly-woodrow-wollesen; http://www.ultimatefinancingguide.com/the-veterans-entrepreneurial-transition-vet-act-re-evaluation-and-reconsideration-highly-recommended; https://www.facebook.com/OpVetEmpower/posts/1387345818028781 now being reprinted and distributed nationally by National Veteran Owned Business Association (Vetrepreneur Magazine) – http://www.navoba.com/uncategorized/veterans-entrepreneurial-transition-vet-act-re-evaluation-reconsideration-highly-recommended/… Read More

The straight forward simple fact – the primary cause for business failures – lack of requisite knowledge for best business practices and financial acumen. It’s the same as photography – if you don’t have it right and/or correctly focused all you’ll ever gonna get is a negative! There exists only one readily accessible “real world”… Read More

Now being published and distributed nationally by VetlikeMe – See, http://vetlikeme.org/the-veterans-entrepreneurial-transition-vet-act-re-evaluation-and-reconsideration/ Veteran Economic Enhancement via Knowledge Empowerment versus Entrepreneurism – In Fact All Are Interconnected Immediate re-evaluation and reconsideration is highly recommended respecting new efforts to resurrect “The Veterans Entrepreneurial Transition (VET) Act”. One should first consider all of the relevant and materials facts before… Read More

ARTICLE FROM VETREPRENEUR MAGZINE (November/December 2016 Issue, p. 94) (Distributed and shared throughout by National Veteran Owned Business Association at the National Veteran Small Business Engagement, Minneapolis, Minn. Nov. 04, 2016 and at the NVOBA Vetrepreneur of the Year Award Ceremony) Special Report: SBA loan fee waiver for small businesses and its impact on vetrepreneurs… Read More

Woody Wollesen – Military veteran, Two time US National Taekwondo Champion,  Taekwondo Master 4th Degree Black Belt, National record holder, and Founder/Chairman  of GA 501(C)(3) non profit Operation Veteran Empowerment was specially selected and honored to ceremonially open Session Two and provide the center court “coin toss” (along with VIP status and all privileges) August… Read More

Woody Wollesen and OpVet Cited in the Latest Issue of Vetrepreneur Magazine (April 2016) – Celebrating One Hundred Issues of Advocacy for Our Nation’s Veterans      “Financing Your Ventures – A stage by stage financing guide for veterpreneurs” Go directly to the one of the nation’s foremost veteran business financing experts, Woody Wollesen, Operation Veteran… Read More

Highlighting being tapped as Event special Business Financing Speaker/Instructor on November 18, 2015, Pittsburgh. PA, at the 2015 National Veteran Small Business Engagement (one of the largest business development gatherings for vetrepreneurs/vet business owners in the country). http://nvsbe.com/, would be the honor accorded Operation Veteran Empowerment and specifically is veteran founder/creator, Woody Wollesen, for the… Read More