It was a distinct pleasure reading this most unique and definitive work on small business financing. Based on my experiences within one of the nation’s top training centers for women in business and entrepreneurship, I view this as an absolute must read. It’s a down to earth guide that strikes at the very core of one the greatest challenges for every small business – having timely access to necessary financing at every stage of development. The Book is practical and to the point. The author’s vast expertise and experiences come shining through in every chapter.

Beth Cole – Recognized entrepreneurship/small business expert, former Executive Director of the Prestigious National Women’sBusiness Center, Washington, DC, SBA’s Women’s Advocate of the Year (2001)(DC Region)

For the first time, there is a Book revealing real world truths regarding obstacles and the how to’s on avoiding problems in financing. I’ve had a wealth experience with small businesses of every type and description. I can emphatically state that every one could have advantaged themselves greatly had each had access to this jewel of accumulated business financial advice. This is the complete Book that I had always hoped might someday be written. It is in my view a highly recommended read.
Richard Sinclair – Recognized business expert, former President of Presidential Financial Corporation of the Chesapeake and Midwest, former President, Commercial Finance Association (Baltimore Region)

Finance can seem like a foreign language to most business owners. This Book embodies everything you need to know when looking at business financing options. This is bound to become the Small Business Financing Bible!
Julie Lenz Kirk – President of Path Forward, Int., Highly Successful and Award Winning Former IT Entrepreneur/Business Owner, Board Member, University of MD Center for Information & Technology, Award Winning Entrepreneur, Speaker, Consultant, and Author, “The ParentPreneur Edge – What Parenting Teaches About Building a Successful Business, John Wiley & Sons (2007)”

This is clearly the prime gold standard on small business financing. This is a masterful work which offers everything one would ever want to know to confront the real life challenges of timely getting necessary funding. Every business at every stage meets the same problem over and over again. This should be required reading by every entrepreneur/business person in the country. Massive amounts of precious time, energy, resources, and money are daily wasted in every single funding process simply because the applicants have no realistic clue what they are doing or how to do it. I highly recommend this work as an essential part of the business journey – don’t leave home without it!
David Albanese – Highly Successful Entrepreneur/Businessman Spanning Multiple Industry Sectors, Receivables and Real Estate Financing Expert, Business Consultant