As with any Internet site there are occasionally quirks or program errors that sometimes sneak in which can cause some confusion or parts of the process to stumble. Just let us know so we can help you through it as soon as possible (see “Contact Us” Page/Insert. Our singular aim is correct any such errors quickly. Our sole objective is to ensure that you get the full information arrays efficiently so that your business aspirations can be enhanced and facilitated to the fullest.


How the site is arranged?

The site is divided into two separate and independent parts.

One part is for military veterans only –

The other separate side is for all others and/or non veterans –

Both sides exist within this single site since they share a common foundation platform – the entire array of business and financing information made available for you for the first time – How it works in the real world! Accordingly each has a separate path to access the information arrays and process for your download.


What happens when I process and get a cart with the wrong item that does not fit my status (veteran versus non veteran)?

There should be an “X” next to the item not desired or applicable. Simply click and it will be removed. If there is still an error, best to empty the cart and begin processing again. It should clear and allow for straight forward payment and downloads.


Is PayPal the only means for payment of contributions to maintain and support the site?

PayPal has proven to be an extremely efficient and straight forward means for any and all to process payments for just about anything and everything across the Internet. As such, it is currently the only means available to facilitate your easy access to the data as quickly as possible. Setting up a PayPal account is relatively easy and straight forward allowing for virtually all means and methods of payment. Far beyond this site, having a PayPal account will become helpful and useful in a host of other applications for your benefit.


What is the Password box?

As with virtually every e-commerce site, ours has a feature to create one’s own individual account with personalized password. This allows for quick and easy entry as a “return client”. There will be further electronic versions made available, as well additional publications and editions with information found no where else in this country (private, commercial or governmental) which you might wish to acquire or review.

There is an upper level box labeled as “register” to create an account with password. If that was somehow missed, usually there is a prompt in the check out process taking one back for those necessary inputs.


How many copies of the download can I acquire?

As noted in the “terms and conditions” (please do read and review) which are made applicable with every download, this is essentially a licensing arrangement. To ensure copyright and all other protections for these unique information arrays, it is important to restrict access to a single person and a single download.

However, as you will note in the basic agreement, we openly welcome and in fact encourage the fullest possible sharing that this site and these vital information arrays exist to level the playing field for everyone as a business owner or with business aspirations. The widest possible dissemination is encouraged and sought. To ensure continuation of this site and its expansion for all to benefit, we need your cooperation and help to ensure by numbers and joining together that these goals can be accomplished. Thank you

Are there other electronic versions contemplated?

This Internet business/financing/educational platform fully contemplates in due course further electronic download versions such as Kindle and all other standard applications. In addition, it is also contemplated to expand this site (or related others) to publish and make available new editions, expanded coverages on other business/financing topics, and further educational materials to enhance businesses from a number of different angles and perspectives. Look for new prospective announcements to advantage yourself.