This veteran created and operated site specifically targets “real world grounded” support for every vetrepreneur and veteran business owner.

Operation Veteran Empowerment is specifically structured to solve knowledge deficiencies respecting best business practices and access to capital/financial acumen – the primary causes for all US business failures/discontinuances.

To achieve those goals OpVet is specifically dedicated to all veterans and their families for their sacrifices and service for this country.

As such, the complete educational arrays within this resource, Ultimate Financing Guide (for non veterans retail priced at $30.00) are offered to all military veterans and their family members:


There are few straight forward caveats:

1. There is a requirement for a token $5 fee/contribution for the maintenance of this site which benefits all veterans. That ensures that in fact that “Veterans are helping Veterans to Succeed”. It ensures that future revisions/versions of this resource can be accessed.

* Stated differently, if one assumes a “bundled” retail price of $30.00, the resultant/cumulative discount would be approximately 84% – The $5 contribution for this site is the only component fee within that computation. In all cases the subject business resource, Ultimate Financing Guide, remains/is FREE for all veterans.

In return OpVet requests your cooperation, help, and assistance in the following ways:

  1. To personally spread the word about this OpVet site, meaning more vetrepreneurs and veteran business owners can become knowledge empowered; and
  2. To please review OpVet’s unprecedented coalition of “Resources, Tools, Providers for Real World Enterprise Successes” (herein “Partners”), all of which offer essential and valuable products, services, and support that spell business successes for veterans.

Why regarding the above?

The simple straight forward answer – The more and better knowledge empowered all veterans, the more successful their enterprises, the more veteran jobs will be created, the more financially secure veteran families become, all of which enhance our national economy. That is “Veterans working Together”. That is Veterans helping Veterans – all are “Win-Win-Win” scenarios.

The only cost for veterans and/or family members for this educational resource, Ultimate Financing Guide, is a token $5 contribution to support this platform/site and to expand its offerings for veterans.

Access to and Providing the Ultimate Financing Guide for Your Business Success Journey is Through/By American Empowerment, Inc, a Georgia non profit, 501 (C) (3) – All indicated fees or charges are according 100% tax deductible.

Use of all Funds: All funds are dedicated to maintaining this site and expanding all educational/informational arrays/efforts to benefit all veterans and their families.


Your additional contributions would be greatly appreciated.

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