Operation Veteran Empowerment’s original article (American Empowerment – a veteran created operated 501 (C) (3) dedicated exclusively to educational and knowledge empowerment) (see, https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/veterans-entrepreneurial-transition-vet-act-highly-woodrow-wollesen; http://www.ultimatefinancingguide.com/the-veterans-entrepreneurial-transition-vet-act-re-evaluation-and-reconsideration-highly-recommended; https://www.facebook.com/OpVetEmpower/posts/1387345818028781 now being reprinted and distributed nationally by National Veteran Owned Business Association (Vetrepreneur Magazine) – http://www.navoba.com/uncategorized/veterans-entrepreneurial-transition-vet-act-re-evaluation-reconsideration-highly-recommended/… Read More

ARTICLE FROM VETREPRENEUR MAGZINE (November/December 2016 Issue, p. 94) (Distributed and shared throughout by National Veteran Owned Business Association at the National Veteran Small Business Engagement, Minneapolis, Minn. Nov. 04, 2016 and at the NVOBA Vetrepreneur of the Year Award Ceremony) Special Report: SBA loan fee waiver for small businesses and its impact on vetrepreneurs… Read More

The best possible solution for business success is to prevent serious issues and problems before they arise. Simply put entrepreneurs and small businesses are failing in record numbers. As the glaring statistics and data demonstrate, entrepreneurs/ business owners are failing. All are facing rising risk accumulations resulting in unprecedented and needless detours that subvert desired… Read More

VetJobs (the nation’s largest military job board at http://vetjobs.com ) reported only 160,000 new jobs were created in May (June 2016 Veteran Employment Situation Report) (BOL). However a minimum of 250,000 new jobs per month needs to be created to have any real growth . “Historically, most job growth comes from small businesses, but   current… Read More

Woody Wollesen and OpVet Cited in the Latest Issue of Vetrepreneur Magazine (April 2016) – Celebrating One Hundred Issues of Advocacy for Our Nation’s Veterans      “Financing Your Ventures – A stage by stage financing guide for veterpreneurs” Go directly to the one of the nation’s foremost veteran business financing experts, Woody Wollesen, Operation Veteran… Read More

Highlighting being tapped as Event special Business Financing Speaker/Instructor on November 18, 2015, Pittsburgh. PA, at the 2015 National Veteran Small Business Engagement (one of the largest business development gatherings for vetrepreneurs/vet business owners in the country). http://nvsbe.com/, would be the honor accorded Operation Veteran Empowerment and specifically is veteran founder/creator, Woody Wollesen, for the… Read More

Please do share Highlighting Woody Wollesen and Operation Veteran Empowerment – Tapped as Event special Business Financing Speaker/Instructor scheduled for Wednesday, November 18, 2015, 11:00AM Session, Pittsburgh. PA, at the 2015 National Veteran Small Business Engagement, one of the largest business development gatherings for vetrepreneurs/vet business owners in the country. http://nvsbe.com/ Also at http://www.ultimatefinancingguide.com/opvet-will-be-speaking-at-national-veterans-small-business-engagement/ Hoping… Read More

Rather astonishing is how often the alleged core causes for small business successes or failures (even when lacking credible factual evidence) through sheer force of repetition can often take on lives of their own – fictions versus “real world” facts. One does not have to wander far to hear the resilient echoes for alleged business… Read More

As comprehensively covered within the last installment of the ongoing VetLikeMe series on business and financing, the latest study and figures respecting franchise ownership are less than encouraging. http://vetlikeme.org/vetrepreneurs-and-vet-business-owners-continue-to-ignore-risks-and-realities/. SBA franchise loan failures were found to be one in six (covering only write offs after all borrower collateral has been liquidated). New Study (May 14,… Read More